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The Washington Wizards escape with a 120 to 115 win over the Philadelphia 76ers

The Washington Wizards escape with a 120 to 115 win over the Philadelphia 76ers

Wednesday’s matchup between the Washington Wizards and the Philadelphia 76ers would mark the first of three matchups.  Last season, the Wizards finished at fourth place in the Eastern Conference with a 49-33 record but they would lose to the Boston Celtics in the Semifinals, 3-4.  The 76ers, on the other hand, finished with a 28-54 record at the fourteenth place in the Conference.  They would look to start the season off right as they visited the Nation’s Capital to take on the Wizards.

During the first quarter of the game, the Wizards shot forty-eight percent from the field while the 76ers would shoot thirty-six percent from the field.  Otto Porter scored eight points in the first quarter while shooting eighty percent from the field.  Four-time All-Star John Wall would contribute with six points while shooting only thirty-eight percent from the field.  Mike Scott would come off of the bench to shoot a perfect one-hundred percent from the field.  He would record five points while knocking down one three-pointer.

As for the Pennsylvania team, Joel Embiid would drop six points which would include four free-throws.  He would also do some work on the boards as he pulled down five defensive rebounds.  Ben Simmons would shoot sixty-seven percent from the field but would only score four points while rookie Markelle Fultz would come off the bench to drop four points, along with two offensive rebounds but the Wizards would walk into the second quarter with a 32 to 23 lead.

In the second period, the Philadelphia 76ers would shoot fifty-six percent from the field as the Washington Wizards shot fifty percent.  Robert Covington would score eight points in the quarter, six coming from beyond the arc and the other two coming from the charity stripe.  Simmons would drop six points while grabbing two offensive rebounds and two defensive rebounds.  Former Los Angeles Clippers’ guard J.J. Redick would knock down two three-pointers to give himself six points.

On the other end of the court, Bradley Beal would shoot seventy-five percent from the field to earn himself six points as Wall would be limited to only four points, all coming from the free-throw line.  Kelly Oubre would come off of the bench to drill a three-pointer and a free-throw to give himself four points.  Jodie Meeks and Ian Mahinmi would also earn four points each but it was the 76ers who ended the first half with a 59-56 lead.

Both teams would shoot thirty-five percent from the field each in the third quarter but it was the home team that sparked up a 34 to 23 run.  Wall would heat up for fourteen points as he shot fifty percent from the field.  He also managed to get a hold of three rebounds as Beal would chalk up eleven points.  Meeks would come off of the bench to collect six points while Oubre would contribute with a three-pointer.

As for the 76ers, Covington would put up ten additional points as he drills two three-pointers in the process of doing so.  Both Simmons and Fultz would be limited to four points each as Joel Embiid would manage to collect four defensive rebounds and two assists.  He would only be limited to two points in the eight minutes that he played as the Washington team would walk into the last quarter with a 90-82 advantage.

In the last period, the 76ers would shoot fifty-four percent from the field as the Wizards shot forty-six percent.  Arizona-native Jerryd Bayless would collect ten points in this quarter as he drops two three-pointers in the process.  Robert Covington ended up scoring eight points with six of them coming from behind the arc.  He would also grab four rebounds as Embiid dropped six points.

The Wizards would not shy away as Marcin Gortat would heat up for ten points, shooting eighty percent from the field.  Bradley Beal would contribute with six points but would end up earning all of them from the free-throw line.  John Wall scored four points while Kelly Oubre collected two offensive rebounds and two defensive rebounds.

With twenty seconds remaining in the game, the 76ers would only be down by two points.  Beal would go to the line to knock down one of his two free-throws, giving the Wizards a 116 to 113 lead.  Gortat would then be sent to the line as he nails both of his free shots, extending the lead to five points.  Covington would end up tipping a shot into the basket off of an attempted three-pointer by Embiid.  With only two seconds remaining in the game, Bradley Beal would be sent to the line as he knocks down both of his free-throws, giving the Washington Wizards a 120 to 115 win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

John Wall would finish the game with twenty-eight points, five rebounds, and eight assists.  Robert Covington ended up finishing the game with twenty-nine points, seven rebounds, and one assist.  Markelle Fultz would score ten points, pulled down three rebounds and dishing off one assist in the season debut.