The Boston Celtics pull away with a win against the Chicago Bulls, gaining a 3-2 lead in series

The Boston Celtics pull away with a win against the Chicago Bulls, gaining a 3-2 lead in series

Last night marked the fifth game between the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls in their playoff series.  The beginning of the series would be a rocky start for the top-seed Celtics but they would manage to find themselves in Games 3 and 4.  In the first game, though, the Chicago Bulls would pull away with a 106 to 102 win.  Jimmy Butler would score thirty points, pull down nine rebounds and dish off three assists.  Isaiah Thomas would put up thirty-three points, six rebounds and six assists.  Game 2 would be a victory for the Chicago Bulls, as well, as they hand the Celtics a 111-97 loss.  In that game, Jimmy Butler finished with twenty-two points, eight rebounds and eight assists.  Dwyane Wade would also finish with twenty-two points, four rebounds and two assists.  Isaiah Thomas would settle for twenty points, four rebounds and two assists.  The Celtics would bounce back in Game 3 as they would win, 104 to 87.  Al Horford would score eighteen points, pull down eight rebounds and give out six assists.  Dwyane Wade ended up with eighteen points, one rebound and three assists.  Boston would also go on to win the last game, as Chicago falls short, 104-95.  Isaiah Thomas finished with thirty-three points, four rebounds and seven assists.  Jimmy Butler ended up with thirty-three points, five rebounds and nine assists.  Each team looked to take a 3-2 lead in the series last night as they faced off inside of the TD Garden.

The Celtics would start the game off on the right foot as shooting guard Avery Bradley drops nine points, which would include one three-pointer.  Isaiah Thomas would struggle in the first, though, as he is only held to four points which would all come from the free-throw line.  On the other end, former Heat star, Dwyane Wade would drop seven points which included one three-pointer.  Jimmy Butler would only shoot twenty-nine percent from the field, settling for just four points.  He would crash the boards to get four defensive rebounds, along with two assists, though.  Cristiano Felicio would come off the Chicago bench to receive four points himself but it was the home team that ended the first quarter with a 23 to 20 lead.  In the second period, former Thunder player, Anthony Morrow, would come off the Bulls bench to drop eight points while shooting seventy-five percent from the field.  Isaiah Canaan would earn himself six points while shooting sixty percent from the field.  Butler would shoot a perfect one-hundred from the field but would only be rewarded with four points.  Wade would chalk up four points, as well, along with two rebounds and three assists.  As for the Boston team, Bradley would add eight more points to his scoring total, along with two rebounds.  Kelly Olynyk would come off the bench to contribute with eight points, as well, shooting sixty percent from the field as the home team would enter the halftime with a 52-50 lead.

Chicago would go on a 31 to 27 run in the third quarter as Robin Lopez gets hot for ten points and three rebounds.  He would shoot a high eighty-three percent from the field while do so.  Wade would contribute with four rebounds, two assists and seven points, three coming from beyond the arc.  Jimmy Butler would knock down two three-pointers, earning himself six points along with two rebounds and three assists.  Al Horford will try to keep his Boston team in it as he drops eight points, six of those coming from behind the three-point line.  Avery Bradley would shoot sixty percent as he earns seven points, including one three-pointer but it was the Chicago Bulls that enter the last quarter with a 81-79 lead.  The fourth quarter would belong to the home team, though, as Al Horford shoots a perfect one-hundred percent from the field, collecting eleven points.  Two-time All-Star, Isaiah Thomas, would also chalk up eleven points, along with three rebounds and one assist.  Wade would try to bring his team back into it as he puts up eight points but it was the Boston Celtics who pull away with a 108 to 97 win against the Chicago Bulls, taking a 3-2 lead in the series.  This entire game has been consisted of eighteen lead changes and thirteen ties.  Avery Bradley finished with twenty-four points (his new Playoff career-high), six rebounds and one assist.  Isaiah Thomas ended up with also twenty-four points, five rebounds and four assists.  Dwyane Wade would finish with twenty-six points, eleven rebounds and eight assists.

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