The Golden State Warriors defeat the Portland Trail Blazers, sweeping the series and advancing to the next round

The Golden State Warriors defeat the Portland Trail Blazers, sweeping the series and advancing to the next round

Things have not come easy for the Portland Trail Blazers in the series against the Golden State Warriors, as they lost the first three games.  Last night, they looked to avoid a sweep in Portland, Oregon.  The first game was a victory for the Oakland team as they won, 121-109.  In that game, Kevin Durant scored thirty-two points, pulled down eleven rebounds and dished off two assists.  C.J. McCollum would finish with forty-one points, eight rebounds and one assist.  The Warriors would go on to defeat the Trail Blazers in Game 2, as well, handing Portland a 110-81 blowout.  Stephen Curry would end up with nineteen points, five rebounds and six assists.  Maurice Harkless put up fifteen points, eight rebounds and one assist.  The Portland Trail Blazers would also lose Game 3 as the Warriors escape with a 119 to 113 win.  During that game, Stephen Curry would score thirty-four points, pull down four rebounds and give out eight assists.  C.J. McCollum would settle for thirty-two points and six rebounds.  The Golden State Warriors looked to end the series with a sweep last night in Portland.

The visiting team would put on a huge scoring display in the first quarter as they shot sixty-three percent from the field, limiting the home team to thirty percent from the field.  Stephen Curry would score twelve points, nine coming from behind the arc and three coming from the free-throw line.  He would also crash the boards for four rebounds and dish out five assists.  Klay Thompson would contribute to the score as he puts up nine points, collecting six of those from behind the 3-point line.  Coming back fresh off a calf injury, Kevin Durant would earn seven points for himself, including one 3-pointer.  On the other end, Evan Turner would put up five points which would include one 3-pointer but it was the Warriors who ended the quarter with a huge 45-22 lead.  The Trail Blazers would try to come back as two-time All-Star, Damian Lillard, would get hot for sixteen points, which would contain one 3-pointer.  Al-Farouq Aminu would come off the bench to pull down three rebounds and chalk up six points, which would hold one 3-pointer.  As for the Warriors, Curry would earn nine more points, including two 3-pointers.  Thompson would score seven points, containing one 3-pointer as the visiting team walk into halftime, holding onto a commanding 72-48 lead.

Things would not get any easier for the Oregon team as Ohio-native, Stephen Curry, lights the floor up with sixteen points in the third quarter.  He would collect six of those points from behind the three-point line as he jumps up to get three rebounds and throws out two assists.  Former Bucks player, Zaza Pachulia, would shoot a perfect one-hundred percent from the field, receiving six points for himself.  Draymond Green would knock down one 3-pointer and two free-throws to earn himself five points, along with three rebounds.  As for the Portland team, Lillard would get hot for thirteen points, which would hold one 3-pointer.  Bench player, Al-Farouq Aminu, would knock down two 3-pointers and five free-throws, collecting eleven points for himself but it was Golden State that went into the fourth quarter with a 106 to 80 lead.  Shabazz Napier would come off the Portland bench in the fourth quarter to drop eight points, including one 3-pointer.  McCollum would score four more points but it was the Golden State Warriors who defeat the Portland Trail Blazers, 128-103, sweeping the series and advancing to the next round.  Stephen Curry finished with thirty-seven points, seven rebounds and eight assists.  Damian Lillard would settle for thirty-four points, one rebound and six assists.

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