The Atlanta Hawks pull off a victory against the Washington Wizards, tying the series 2-2

The Atlanta Hawks pull off a victory against the Washington Wizards, tying the series 2-2

The Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks series has been a very personal one for both teams as they faced off in Atlanta for Game 4.  The first game was a victory for the Nation’s Capital’s team as the Wizards defeated the Hawks, 114-107.  In that game, John Wall scored thirty-two points, pulled down four rebounds and threw out fourteen assists.  Dennis Schroder finished with twenty-five points, three rebounds and nine assists.  Washington would also win Game 2 as they hand the Hawks a 109 to 101 loss.  John Wall ended up with thirty-two points, five rebounds and nine assists.  Paul Millsap would chalk up twenty-seven points, ten rebounds and four assists.  Atlanta would bounce back in Game 3 as they hand Washington a 116-98 loss.  In that game, Paul Millsap would score twenty-nine points, pull down fourteen rebounds and give out five assists.  John Wall would settle for twenty-nine points, four rebounds and seven assists.  The Hawks looked to tie the series up last night in Game 4.

The Washington Wizards would put a scoring display in the first quarter, shooting fifty-eight percent from the field, limiting the Georgia team to thirty-eight percent.  Bradley Beal would begin with nine points, collecting three of those from beyond the arc.  Four-time All-Star, John Wall would shoot a perfect one-hundred percent from the field, earning himself eight points.  Otto Porter Jr. would contribute to the score as he drops five points, including one 3-pointer.  On the other end, Paul Millsap would chalk up seven points, which would contain one 3-pointer but it was the visiting team that ended the first quarter with a 35 to 28 lead.  Atlanta would spark a large 31 to 15 run in the second period as former Rockets player, Dwight Howard, would get hot for ten points while shooting eighty percent from the field.  Jose Calderon would come off the Hawks bench to score eight points, six of those coming from behind the three-point line.  Rookie Taurean Prince would also contribute with five points, shooting a perfect one-hundred from the field.  As for the Wizards, Beal would chalk up six points which would hold one 3-pointer as John Wall would knock down a 3-pointer to finish the quarter with three points.  Former Nets player, Bojan Bogdanovic, would come off the bench to put up three points but it was the Georgia team that walked into halftime with a 59 to 50 lead.

The Washington Wizards would return the favor as they go on a 27-18 run in the third quarter, shooting forty-one percent from the field.  During that run, Bradley Beal would go off for twelve points, collecting six of those from beyond the arc.  Porter Jr. would drop seven points while Bogdanovic would come off the bench to contribute with four points.  John Wall would play for ten minutes, only to be limited to three points which he collected from the free-throw line.  Dennis Schroder would help the Hawks out as he puts up eight points and grabs two rebounds.  Former Knicks player, Tim Hardaway Jr., would contribute by knocking down a three-pointer, while Kent Bazemore would come off the bench to score three points and pull down two rebounds.  Paul Millsap would play seven minutes to be limited to only two points as both teams end the third quarter with a tied game at 77.  The Atlanta team would play strong and close things out in the last period as Schroder puts up ten points, including two 3-pointers.  Millsap would shoot seventy-five percent from the field, earning himself ten points, as well.  Hardaway Jr. would chalk up seven which held one 3-pointer as the Atlanta Hawks defeat the Washington Wizards, 111 to 101, tying the series up at 2-2.  Paul Millsap would finish with nineteen points, nine rebounds and seven assists.  Bradley Beal would settle for thirty-two points, five rebounds and two assists.


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