The Utah Jazz come back to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers, tying the series 2-2

The Utah Jazz come back to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers, tying the series 2-2

Last night marked Game 4 between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Utah Jazz in their playoff series.  Injuries have played a role in this series on both teams from Rudy Gobert going down in the first minute of Game 1 with a knee injury to Blake Griffin injuring his toe in Game 3.  In that first game, though, Utah would pull away with a 97-95 win against the Clippers.  Joe Johnson scored twenty-one points in that game, along with three rebounds and three assists.  Blake Griffin finished with twenty-six points, seven rebounds and three assists.  The California team would bounce back in Game 2 as they defeat the Jazz with a 99-91 win.  In that game, Blake Griffin put up twenty-four points, five rebounds and two assists.  Gordon Hayward finished with twenty points, six rebounds and two assists.  Clippers would take Game 3, too, as the Jazz get handed a 111-106 loss.  Chris Paul scored thirty-four points, pulled down six rebounds and dished off ten assists.  Gordon Hayward would settle for forty points, nine rebounds and four assists.  The Jazz looked to tie the series up last night in Utah.

The score would be held close in the first quarter as Jamal Crawford comes off the Clippers bench to drop eight points, two coming from behind the 3-point line and the other two coming from the charity stripe.  Former Magic player, J.J. Redick, would chalk up seven points, including one 3-pointer.  Derrick Favors would come off the Utah bench to score eight points, shooting eighty percent from the field.  Joe Johnson would also come off the bench to contribute with four points but it was the Los Angeles team that ended the first quarter with a 26 to 24 lead.  The Jazz would go on a 31-26 run in the second period as the first-round pick in the 2013 draft, Rudy Gobert, would put up eight points as he shoots at a perfect one-hundred percent from the field.  George Hill would drop seven points, collecting three of those points from beyond the arc.  Rodney Hood would come off the Utah bench to drop seven points, as well, including one 3-pointer.  Raymond Felton would come off the Los Angeles bench to put up eight points which would contain one 3-pointer.  Crawford would collect seven more additional points, which would hold one 3-pointer but it was the Utah Jazz who walk into the locker rooms at halftime with a 55-52 advantage.

The Los Angeles Clippers would go on a 28-22 run in the third period as Chris Paul starts to heat up for nine points, which would include one 3-pointer.  He would also grab six rebounds and four assists to add to his stat sheet total.  Former Knicks player, Jamal Crawford, would continue to put on a scoring display as he collects seven more points which held one 3-pointer.  On the other end, bench player Joe Johnson would drop seven points, collecting three of those points from beyond the arc but it was still the Clippers who left the Jazz trailing at the end of the third, 80-77.  The home team would go on a huge 28 to 18 run as Johnson would shoot seventy-one percent from the field, earning himself thirteen more points which would hold one 3-pointer.  With five minutes left in the game, he would connect for a jump shot, tying the game up at 87.  After that, the two teams would go back and forth, trading buckets but thanks to Joe Johnson’s two free throws, the Utah Jazz would be able to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers with a 105 to 98 win, tying the series up at 2-2.  Joe Johnson finished with twenty-eight points, five rebounds and five assists.  Chris Paul finished with twenty-seven points, nine rebounds and twelve assists.

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