The Raptors defeat the Bucks, tying the series up 2-2

The Raptors defeat the Bucks, tying the series up 2-2

Last night marked the fourth game between the Toronto Raptors and the Milwaukee Bucks in their playoff series.  Game 1 was a victory for the Bucks as they defeat the Raptors, 97-83.  In that game, Giannis Antetokounmpo scored twenty-eight points, grabbed eight rebounds and dished off three assists.  DeMar DeRozan would go for twenty-seven points, eight rebounds and one assist.  The Raptors would bounce back in the second game as they pull off a 106 to 100 victory.  DeMar DeRozan earned himself twenty-three points, seven rebounds and three assists.  Giannis Antetokounmpo collected twenty-four points, fifteen rebounds and seven assists.  The last game was a blowout as the Bucks soared past the Raptors, 104-77.  Khris Middleton finished with twenty points, three rebounds and seven assists.  Kyle Lowry ended up with thirteen points, five rebounds and two assists.  Delon Wright also ended up with thirteen points, six rebounds and two assists.  The Raptors looked to tie the series up last night in Milwaukee.

Each team would start the game off right as they both scored 19 points in the first quarter.  Khris Middleton dropped seven points and took down four rebounds.  Former Bulls player, Tony Snell, would earn six points which would all come from beyond the arc.  On the other side, DeMar DeRozan would throw up six points of his own, shooting 75% from the field.  The next quarter would be no different as each team goes for 22 points in the second period.  DeRozan would light the floor up with fifteen points, along with four rebounds.  Serge Ibaka would shoot 50% from the field but would only collect four points.  Giannis Antetokounmpo would get hot for ten points, shooting 83% from the field.  He would also gobble down three rebounds as each team went into halftime with a score of 41.

The Raptors would go on a 23-17 run in the third quarter as three-time All-Star, Kyle Lowry, would score eight points, six of those coming from behind the 3-point line.  DeRozan would drop six points, crash the boards for two rebounds and give out three assists.  Snell would help his Milwaukee team out as he puts up eight points, including two 3-pointers.  Middleton would collect three points and four rebounds but it was the visiting team that led, 64-58, at the end of the third.  The first-round pick in the 2010 draft, Greg Monroe, would come off the Bucks bench to light up the floor with ten points and four rebounds but it would be the Raptors who close things out as Lowry and DeRozan each drop six points, along with bench player, Jonas Valanciunas’ six points.  The Toronto Raptors would go on to win the game, 87 to 76, tying the series up, 2-2.  DeMar DeRozan finished with thirty-three points, nine rebounds and five assists.  Tony Snell ended up with nineteen points (his new Playoff career-high) and four rebounds (tying his Playoff career-high).

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