The Cleveland Cavaliers defeat the Indiana Pacers as it came down to the wire, sweeping the series 4-0

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeat the Indiana Pacers as it came down to the wire, sweeping the series 4-0

Today marked the fourth game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Indiana Pacers in their playoff series.  The last three games would be victories for the Cleveland team as they looked to sweep the series today.  Game 1 was in Ohio as the Cavaliers would pull away with a 109-108 win.  LeBron James scored thirty-two points, pulled down six rebounds and dished off thirteen assists.  Paul George would put up twenty-nine points, five rebounds and seven assists.  Cleveland would host the Pacers in Game 2, as well, as the home team would defeat the Pacers with a 117 to 111 score.  In that game, Kyrie Irving finished with thirty-seven points, two rebounds and two assists.  Paul George would end up with thirty-two points, eight rebounds and seven assists.  The last game was a historic win for Cleveland as they came back from a huge halftime deficit to beat the Pacers in Indiana, 119-114.  LeBron James ended up with forty-one points, thirteen rebounds and twelve assists.  Paul George finished with thirty-six points, fifteen rebounds and nine assists.  The Pacers would look to avoid a series sweep as they host the defending champions today.

Kyrie Irving would start the game off by dropping ten points in the first quarter, shooting fifty percent from the field.  LeBron James would chalk up eight points and two rebounds.  As for the Indiana team, Jeff Teague would put up six points, along with one rebound and two assists.  Four-time All-Star, Paul George, would earn himself five points, which would include one 3-pointer.  Lance Stephenson would come off the bench to collect five points, as well, which would also hold one 3-pointer.  C.J. Miles would contribute with a 3-pointer as the Pacers end the first period with a 24 to 22 lead.  The visiting team would spark a 36-28 run in the second quarter as three-time champion, LeBron James, went off for twelve points as he shot fifty-six percent from the field.  He would also gather four rebounds and two assists to add to his stat sheet.  The newest addition to the Cavaliers team, Deron Williams, would come off the bench to drop twelve points, as well, which contained two 3-pointers.  He would also shoot a perfect one-hundred percent from the field while grabbing two rebounds.  On the other end of the court, Stephenson would bury three 3-pointers, while Myles Turner would drop seven points.  Teague would contribute with four points but it was the visiting team that would go into halftime with a 58-52 advantage.

Things would not get easier for the Indiana Pacers as Irving comes out of the locker room to light the floor up with sixteen points, which would include one 3-pointer.  LeBron James would collect six points, one rebound and two assists to add to his stat sheet total.  Paul George would try to help his Pacers team out as he collects six points, three coming from beyond the arc.  Thaddeus Young would also chalk up six points, along with two rebounds but it was the Cleveland Cavaliers that enter the last quarter with a 88 to 77 lead.  The Pacers would come back, though, as Turner earns himself six points, shooting sixty-seven percent from the field.  Indiana would eventually trail by only two points but with two minutes and thirty-nine seconds left in the game, Thaddeus Young would bury a jumper, tying the game up at 100.  After George misses an eight-foot jumper, Young would tip the ball in the basket to give the Pacers a two-point lead.  But with only one minute and seven seconds in the game, LeBron James would knock down a three-pointer to give his team the lead again.  The Indiana Pacers would fail to score in the last minute of the game as Kyle Korver and LeBron James would secure the victory at the free-throw line as Korver hits two and LeBron hits one.  The Cleveland Cavaliers would win the game, 106-102, as they sweep the playoff series with a 4-0 record.  LeBron James finished with thirty-three points, ten rebounds and four assists.  Lance Stephenson would end up with twenty-two points, six rebounds and three assists.


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