The Washington Wizards pull away with a victory, taking 2-0 lead in series

The Washington Wizards pull away with a victory, taking 2-0 lead in series

Tonight marked the second game between the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks.  Last game left a bit of controversy as Paul Millsap would describe the Wizards’ style of play “MMA”.  The Hawks would make a vow to play a more physical game in Game 2.  The first game would end in a 114-107 Washington victory as John Wall finished with thirty-two points, four rebounds and fourteen assists.  Dennis Schroder would end up with twenty-five points, three rebounds and nine assists.  The Atlanta Hawks would look to tie the series up tonight in the Nation’s Capital.

The beginning period would start off well for both teams as they shoot in the high-30%.  Dennis Schroder would start off with twelve points and three assists.  Paul Millsap, Dwight Howard and bench player, Kent Bazemore, would all shoot 50% from the field, earning four points.  No player on the Hawks team would connect for three points as only four shots were attempted from beyond the arc.  Point guard John Wall would also chalk up twelve points for the D.C. team, which would include one 3-pointer.  Bradley Beal would score seven points, containing one 3-pointer to help Wall out but it would be the visiting team ending the first quarter with a tight 24-23 lead.  The Wizards would go on a 28 to 19 run as former Suns player, Marcin Gortat, drops eight points and pulls down three rebounds.  John Wall would connect for a 3-pointer and knock down two free throws as he receives five points.  Jason Smith and former Knicks, Brandon Jennings, would come off the bench to four points.  Beal would knock down a three-pointer and hit a free throw to earn himself four points.  On the other end, Tim Hardaway Jr. would only shoot 33% from the field, settling for four points.  Bazemore would also throw up four points as the home team walk into halftime with a 51-43 advantage.  The Hawks would return the favor with a 35 to 23 run of their own as power forward Paul Millsap gets hot for fourteen points, shooting 60% from the field.  He would also crash the boards to pull down four rebounds, as well.  Taurean Prince would connect for all five shots, including two free throws, earning himself eight points.  As far as the Nation’s Capital team, John Wall would add seven points to his scoring total, along with two assists.  Gortat would drop six points and grab five rebounds while Beal settles for four points.  The Atlanta Hawks would finally grab hold of a lead as Washington trails behind, 78-74, at the end of the third.  The fourth quarter would belong to the Wizards, though, as they go on a 35 to 23 run.  Bradley Beal will start to heat up as he lights the floor up with sixteen points, including two 3-pointers.  Hardaway Jr. would chalk up ten  points for his Hawks team but it was the Washington Wizards who pull away with a 109 to 101 victory, taking a 2-0 lead in the series.  John Wall would finish with thirty-two points, five rebounds and nine assists.  Paul Millsap finished with twenty-seven points, ten rebounds and four assists.


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