The Houston Rockets escape with a win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, taking 2-0 lead in the series

The Houston Rockets escape with a win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, taking 2-0 lead in the series

Tonight marked the second game in the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets Playoff series.  Game 1 would end with a 118-87 blowout victory for the Houston team.  In that game, James Harden scored thirty-seven points, grabbed seven rebounds and threw out nine assists.  Russell Westbrook finished with twenty-two points, eleven rebounds and seven assists.  The Thunder would look to tie the series up tonight in Houston.

The first quarter belonged to Russell Westbrook as he goes off for twelve points, shooting 62% from the field.  He would also pull down six rebounds and dish out four assists.  Former Bulls player, Taj Gibson, would contribute as he scores eight points and crashes the boards for three rebounds.  On the other end, Lou Williams would chalk up eight points but it was the visiting team that ended the first quarter with a 35 to 26 lead.  Houston would not shy away from the challenge being presented to them as former Thunder player, James Harden, drops nine points, seven of them coming from the free-throw line.  Lou Williams would collect eight more points, shooting 60% from the field.  Russell Westbrook would continue to put on a performance as he would chalk up ten more points, two rebounds and six assists.  Doug McDermott would come off the Oklahoma City bench to collect eight points, which contained two 3-pointers as the Thunder go into halftime with a 68-62 lead.  The Rockets would go on a 24 to 21 run in the third period as Harden throws up twelve points, six coming up beyond the arc.  He would also pull down three rebounds and dish off one assist.  Former Pelicans player Ryan Anderson and bench player Eric Gordon would both score four points each to help the Rockets’ star player out.  As for the Oklahoma City team, Westbrook would continue to show off his scoring skills as he goes for fourteen additional points, including one 3-pointer.  He would only be limited to one assist and one rebound in the third quarter, though, as the Houston team cuts into the lead, trailing 89-86 at the end of the third.  The Texas team would come back and close things out in the last period as Eric Gordon adds eleven more points to his scoring total, shooting 57% from the field.  Westbrook would drop fifteen more points but it was the Houston Rockets who slip away from the Oklahoma City Thunder, 115 to 111, taking a 2-0 lead in the series.  Russell Westbrook would finish with fifty-one points (his new Playoff career-high), ten rebounds and thirteen assists.  His triple-double tonight would set the record for highest-scoring playoff triple-double in NBA history.  James Harden would finish with thirty-five points, four rebounds and eight assists.


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