The Toronto Raptors escape with a victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, tying the series 1-1

The Toronto Raptors escape with a victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, tying the series 1-1

Tonight marked the second game in the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors series.  The first game did not go as planned for the third-seed Raptors as the Bucks defeated them, 97-83.  In that game, Giannis Antetokounmpo scored twenty-eight points, eight rebounds and three assists.  DeMar DeRozan scored twenty-seven points, eight rebounds and one assist.  The Raptors would look to even this series up tonight in Toronto.

DeMar DeRozan would start off hot in the first quarter as he shoots 80% from the field, earning himself twelve points.  Kyle Lowry would chalk up five points, which were two free-throws and one 3-pointer.  On the other end, former Pistons player, Khris Middleton, would score nine points, which included one 3-pointer.  Tony Snell would also knock down two 3-pointers but it was the Raptors who end the first quarter with a 28 to 25 lead.  Kyle Lowry would get hot in the second period as he drops twelve points, including one 3-pointer.  The first-round pick in the 2010 draft, Patrick Patterson, would come off the bench to connect for two 3-pointers, earning himself six points.  Cory Joseph came off the bench to hit two 3-pointers, as well, receiving six points.  DeRozan would play six minutes and twenty-nine seconds in the quarter and would be held scoreless.  As for the Milwaukee team, Greg Monroe would come off the bench to shoot 75% from the field, collecting eight points.  Antetokounmpo would throw up six points, only shooting 37% from the field but he would grab five rebounds as the home team walked into halftime with a 55 to 52 lead.  The third quarter would start to look bright for the Bucks as Middleton would score nine points, which contained two 3-pointers.  Antetokounmpo would collect eight points, shooting a better 50% from the field.  Monroe came off the bench to add seven more points to his scoring total.  Former Hawks player and now Raptors player, DeMarre Carroll, would drop nine points which held two 3-pointers.  DeMar DeRozan would collect an additional seven points, along with three boards as the Canada team enter the fourth quarter with a 84-83 lead.  In the last period, Antetokounmpo would grab three rebounds and hit eight points, which included one 3-pointer.  As for the Toronto team, Serge Ibaka would also go for eight points, which included two 3-pointers.  Things would get tight near the end as Antetokounmpo knocks down a 3-pointer with two minutes left, tying the game at 100.  After the two-minute warning, DeRozan would hit a 19-foot jump shot to give the Raptors a two-point lead.  With only a minute left, 2016 NBA champion, Matthew Dellavedova, would miss a much-needed three-pointer, forcing Antetokounmpo to intentionally foul P.J. Tucker.  Tucker would miss both free-throws, giving Milwaukee a chance to either tie or take a lead.  Out of the Bucks timeout, Middleton would miss a 18-foot jumper as Kyle Lowry connects for a clutch jump shot to secure the win for Toronto.  The Toronto Raptors would defeat the Milwaukee Bucks with a 106-100 win, as they tie the series, 1-1.  DeMar DeRozan would finish with twenty-three points, seven rebounds and three assists.  Kyle would settle for twenty-two points, four rebounds and five assists.  Giannis Antetokounmpo would finish with twenty-four points, fifteen rebounds (his new Playoff career-high) and seven assists (his new Playoff career-high).

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