The Chicago Bulls defeat the Boston Celtics in Game 2, taking a 2-0 lead in series

The Chicago Bulls defeat the Boston Celtics in Game 2, taking a 2-0 lead in series

Last night marked the second game between the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls in their Playoff series.  The first game was a victory for the Chicago team as they won, 106-102.  In that game, Jimmy Butler would score thirty points, grab nine rebounds and dish out three assists.  Isaiah Thomas would finish with thirty-three points, five rebounds and six assists.  Celtics looked to tie the series last night in Boston.

The game started off right for the visiting team as Nikola Mirotic dropped ten points, which included two 3-pointers.  He also crashed the boards to get four rebounds, which would help the team out.  Former Celtics player, Rajon Rondo, would chalk up six points and dish out six assists.  Jimmy Butler was limited to five points in that quarter, shooting only 25% from the field.  On the other end, Isaiah Thomas dropped seven points, including one 3-pointer.  Avery Bradley would chalk up five points which contained one 3-pointer but it was the Chicago team that ended the first period with a 31-26 lead.  In the second quarter, Robin Lopez would shoot 75% from the field, earning himself six points.  The second-round pick in the 2016 draft, Paul Zipser, would come off the Bulls bench to shoot 75% from the field and collect six points, as well.  Jae Crowder would drop seven points for the Boston team, which included one 3-pointer.  Thomas would only be limited to four points, which all came from the free-throw line.  Marcus Smart would come off the bench to drop four points but it was the visitors would went into halftime holding onto a 54-46 advantage.  Things would not get easier for the home team as Butler comes out of the locker room to score ten points in the third quarter, which would contain one 3-pointer.  Lopez would knock down three of his four shots and hit two free-throws to earn himself eight points.  Isaiah Thomas would try to keep his team in the game as he throws up seven points but the Chicago Bulls would walk into the fourth quarter with a 86 to 75 lead.  The Illnois team would close things out in the last period as former Heat star, Dwyane Wade, lights the floor up with eleven points, containing two 3-pointers.  Toronto-native Kelly Olynyk would come off the Celtics bench to drop six points but it was the Chicago Bulls who defeat the Boston Celtics with a 111-97 win, taking a 2-0 lead in the series.  Jimmy Butler finished with twenty-two points, eight rebounds and eight assists (his new Playoff career-high).  Dwyane Wade would score twenty-two points, pull down four rebounds and throw out two assists.  Isaiah Thomas ended up with twenty points, four rebounds and two assists.


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