The Utah Jazz slip away with a win against the Los Angeles Clippers, taking a 1-0 lead in series

The Utah Jazz slip away with a win against the Los Angeles Clippers, taking a 1-0 lead in series

Yesterday marked the first game in the Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz Playoff series.  The last time these two teams met up for a playoff game was in 1997, which resulted in a 0-3 loss for the Clippers.  With the Clippers having home court advantage in this one, they will look to get revenge against this Utah team.

Blake Griffin would start the first quarter off hot as he drops eleven points, which would include one 3-pointer.  DeAndre Jordan would also chalk up six points and grab five rebounds.  On the other end, Boris Diaw would score five points, which included one 3-pointer but it would be the Los Angeles team that ended the first quarter with a 24 to 22 lead.  The seven-time All-Star, Joe Johnson, would heat up in the second quarter as he drops eleven points, which included one 3-pointer.  He would earn those points by shooting 83% from the field.  Rodney Hood also helped out by coming off the bench to collect five points, including one 3-pointer.  Griffin would continue to put on a scoring display as he earns himself nine points, which contained one 3-pointer.  The three-time Sixth Man, Jamal Crawford, would come off the bench to drop six points as each team went into halftime with a 52-52 tied game.  The Utah Jazz would go on a 22 to 18 run in the third quarter as Gordon Hayward dropped ten points and pulled down two rebounds.  Former Pacers, George Hill, would chalk up five points for his team, as well.  On the other end, Chris Paul would come alive as he drops eight points, shooting 57% from the field but it would be the visiting team that walked into the last period holding onto a 74-70 lead.  Chris Paul would continue to heat up as he shoots 62% from the field, earning himself twelve points which included one 3-pointer.  Derrick Favors would come off the Utah bench to drop seven points, along with Joe Johnson, who scored the same amount.  With 45 seconds left in the game, J.J. Redick would make a driving layup to cut into a Utah lead.  Trailing by four points, Blake Griffin would be sent to the free-throw line as he knocks down both foul shots, bringing his team within one.  With the Clippers being forced to foul, they send Derrick Favors to the free-throw line as he connects for only one out of his two foul shots.  After the Clippers timeout, Chris Paul would knock down a much-needed jump shot, tying the game at 95.  But with only one second left, Joe Johnson would connect for a driving floating jump shot, winning the game for the Utah Jazz, 97-95.  The Utah Jazz would go to take a 1-0 lead in the series in a crunch time win.  Joe Johnson would finish with twenty-one points, three rebounds and three assists.  Blake Griffin would finish with twenty-six points, seven rebounds and three assists.


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