The Toronto Raptors easily beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in their last battle

The Toronto Raptors easily beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in their last battle

The 51-30 Cleveland Cavaliers will look to regain the number one seed tonight as they host the 50-31 Toronto Raptors.  These two teams have met up three times this season, with Cleveland winning all three.  The first game was held on October 28 in Toronto as the Cavaliers would pull away with a 94-91 win.  In that game, Kyrie Irving would drop twenty-six points, six rebounds and six assists.  DeMar DeRozan would finish with thirty-two points, seven rebounds and two assists.  The second meeting would take place on November 15 in Ohio as the defending champions would escape with a 121 to 117 win.  LeBron James would score twenty-eight points, grab nine rebounds and dish off fifteen assists.  Kyle Lowry would chalk up twenty-eight points, five rebounds and nine assists.  The last time these ball clubs faced each other was on December 5 inside of the Air Canada Centre as the visiting team would sneak off with a 116 to 112 win.  In that game, LeBron James would go for thirty-four points, eight rebounds and seven assists.  DeMar DeRozan would settle for thirty-one points, four rebounds and five assists.  Cleveland Cavaliers would look to end this regular season series with a 4-0 record as they face the Raptors for the fourth and final time in Cleveland.

The first quarter would start off slow for both teams as Jonas Valanciunas would drop only eight points for his Toronto team, along with Norman Powell’s six points.  On the other end, Tristan Thompson would earn eight points as well, along with Channing Frye’s five points which included one 3-pointer.  The Toronto Raptors would enter the second period with 26 to 21 lead.  Things would speed up in the second quarter as the visiting team would go on a 27-13 run.  Three-time All-Star, Kyle Lowry, would get hot as he drops ten points, including one 3-pointer.  Valanciunas would continue to add to his scoring total as he collects five more points.  Kyle Korver would come off the bench to knock down a 3-pointer as Richard Jefferson would do the same thing but it would be the Raptors who walk into halftime with a comfortable 53-34 lead.  Things would start to look bright for the Cavaliers in the third quarter as the first-round pick in the 2011 draft, Iman Shumpert, would chalk up nine points as he shoots 66% from the field.  Deron Williams would knock down two 3-pointers and one free-throw to earn himself seven points.  Jakob Poeltl would come off the Toronto bench to collect five points as the Raptors would end the third quarter with a 75 to 58 lead.  The Cavaliers would try to crawl back in the fourth quarter as Dahntay Jones would drop nine points, shooting 37% from the field.  Former Heat player, James Jones, would collect six points, including one 3-pointer.  But it would be the visiting team that seals the deal with a 98-83 win.  Norman Powell would end with twenty-five points, two rebounds and two assists.  Iman Shumpert would finish with eleven points, three rebounds and three assists.  LeBron James and Kyrie Irving would not play in this game.  Serge Ibaka and DeMar DeRozan would not play, neither.


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