Miami Heat defeats the Washington Wizards to win the regular season series

Miami Heat defeats the Washington Wizards to win the regular season series

The 40-41 Miami Heat will look to clinch the 8th seed as they host the 49-32 Washington Wizards in American Airlines Arena.  These two teams have met three times this season with Miami winning every game.  The first game was played on November 19 in Washington as the Heat won, 114-111.  In that game, Goran Dragic would score twenty-two points, grab four rebounds and give out six assists.  John Wall would take thirty-four points, four rebounds and eight assists.  Bradley Beal would accept thirty-four points, five rebounds and four assists.  The second meeting would be held on December 12 in Miami as the home team would escape with a 112-101 victory.  Goran Dragic would drop thirty-four points, five rebounds and five assists.  John Wall would drop thirty points, six rebounds and eight assists.  The last time these teams battled each other was on April 8 in the Verizon Center as the Miami team would sneak off with a 106 to 103 win.  Hassan Whiteside would drop thirty points, twelve rebounds and two assists.  Markieff Morris would score twenty-one points and grab five rebounds.  The Miami Heat will look to win the regular season series against this team, 4-0, as well as grabbing hold of the number eight spot.

The first quarter would start off right for the Washington Wizards as Marcin Gortat would light up the floor with ten points, shooting 83% from the field.  Missouri-native, Otto Porter Jr., would drop six points, despite dealing with back spasms.  On the other end, Goran Dragic would take eight points which included one 3-pointer but it would be the visiting team that would enter the second quarter with a 27 to 23 lead.  The second period would belong to the home team as they go on a 33-23 run.  Hassan Whiteside would put up eight points and pull down five rebounds.  Former Nets player, Willie Reed, would come off the bench to score six points and grab three rebounds, as well.  Bojan Bogdanovic would score seven points for his Washington team, along with Trey Burke’s six points but it would be the South Beach team that would enter halftime with a 56-50 advantage.  The third quarter would continue to be on Miami’s side as the second-round pick in the 2015 draft, Josh Richardson, would collect eight which included two 3-pointers.  Willie Reed would come back off the bench to add eight more points to his scoring total.  Sheldon McClellan would score nine points to help his D.C. team out but it would still be the Miami Heat who end the third quarter holding on to a large 91-77 lead.  Former Jazz player, Trey Burke, would get hot for fourteen points in the last period, which included four 3-pointers.  Goran Dragic collects nine more points as the Miami Heat pull away with a 110-102 win.  Goran Dragic would finish the game with twenty-eight points, four rebounds and five assists.  Trey Burke finishes with twenty-seven points and four assists.  John Wall, Bradley Beal and Markieff Morris would not play this game.

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