Portland Trail Blazers would defeat the San Antonio Spurs in a close game

Portland Trail Blazers would defeat the San Antonio Spurs in a close game

The 40-40 Portland Trail Blazers will look end the regular season with a winning streak as they host the 61-19 San Antonio Spurs in Oregon.  These two teams have met three times this season, making this matchup the fourth and final one.  The first game was played on December 23 in Portland as the Spurs would win 110-90.  In that game, Kawhi Leonard would score thirty-three points, grab three rebounds and give out two assists.  Damian Lillard would finish with sixteen points, five rebounds and ten assists.  CJ McCollum would finish with sixteen points, six rebounds and three assists.  Meyers Leonard would finish with sixteen points and five rebounds.  The second meeting was held on December 30 in Texas as the home team would pull a 110 to 94 victory.  Jonathon Simmons would end with nineteen points, three rebounds and two assists.  CJ McCollum would put up twenty-nine points, two rebounds and one assist.  The last time these teams played was on March 15 in San Antonio as the visiting team would escape with a 110-106 win.  Damian Lillard finished with thirty-six points, three rebounds and four assists.  Kawhi Leonard would end up with thirty-four points, nine rebounds and six assists.  The Portland Trail Blazers would look to even the regular season series up tonight.

In the first quarter, the home team would start off hot as the first round pick in the 2012 draft, Meyers Leonard, would drop thirteen points, including three 3-pointers.  Kawhi Leonard would score five points, shooting 66% from the field but it would be the Oregon team that ends the quarter with a 31-28 advantage.  In the second period, Noah Vonleh would put up six points, along with Shabazz Napier’s five points.  On the other end, Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge would each shooting 50% from the field, earning four points but it was the Trail Blazers who walked into halftime with a 47 to 43 lead.  The Spurs would return the favor in the third quarter as they go on a 33-24 run.  Kawhi Leonard would start to come alive as he scores nine points, including one 3-pointer.  Point-guard Tony Parker would add to that by earning six points but on the other end, former Celtics, Evan Turner, would go for thirteen points which would contain one 3-pointer.  The Portland Trail Blazers would eventually trail the San Antonio Spurs at the end of the third quarter as Portland walks into the fourth quarter with a 76-71 lead.  In the fourth quarter, Napier would score fifteen more points, including two 3-pointers.  Simmons would chalk up seven points for his Spurs team, shooting 50% from the field.  With less than a minute remaining in the game, the Trail Blazers would trail by only three after Pat Connaughton makes a 23-foot jump shot.  After that, Vonleh would tip a miss shot in the basket to bring his team within one.  Once the Spurs got the ball, Vonleh would intentionally foul Kyle Anderson and he will go to the free-throw to knock down both foul shots.  With the Spurs leading by three, Portland would be forced to call a timeout with only 18 seconds remaining.  Jake Layman would come out of the timeout to force a driving dunk to the rim to bring his team within one again.  After the Spurs called a timeout, Anderson would throw a bad pass and Portland would take advantage of the turnover as Vonleh makes a lay-up, giving his home team a 99-98 victory.  Shabazz Napier would finish with thirty-two points, six rebounds and five assists.  Kawhi Leonard would finish with only eighteen points.


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