Miami Heat would defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in overtime

Miami Heat would defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in overtime

The 39-41 Miami Heat will look to keep their playoff hopes alive as they host the 51-29 Cleveland Cavaliers.  This matchup will mark the fourth and final time these two ball clubs would face each other.  The first game was on December 9 in Cleveland as the home team would blow the Heat out with a 114-84 win.  Kevin Love scored twenty-eight points, grabbed fifteen rebounds and dished off three assists.  Derrick Williams would go for seventeen points, two rebounds and one assist.  The second meeting was held on March 4 in Miami as the home team would get revenge with a huge 120 to 92 win.  In that game, Goran Dragic would earn twenty-three points, three rebounds and five assists.  Channing Frye went for twenty-one points and four rebounds.  The Heat and Cavaliers would meet again on March 6 in Cleveland as the visiting team escaped with a 106-98 win.  Dion Waiters put up twenty-nine points, two rebounds and five assists.  Kyrie Irving collected thirty-two points, seven rebounds and three assists.  Tonight, the defending champions would look to even the regular season series out with 2-2 record.

In the first quarter, Channing Frye would start off hot as he scores nine points, shooting 100% from the field, including one 3-pointer.  Three-time All-Star Deron Williams would also help out as he puts up nine points of his own which would contain a 3-pointer, as well.  The visiting team would enter the second quarter with a 37 to 24 lead.  But the home team would fight back in the second period as they go on a 32-23 run.  Hassan Whiteside would put up five points, shooting 50% from the field.  Josh Richardson would also contribute as he put up five points of his own but, with the help of Deron Williams’ eleven points, it was still the Ohio team that went into halftime with a 60 to 56 lead.  The third quarter would not get any easier for the South Beach team as the Cavaliers went on a 31-24 run.  Deron Williams would continue to put on a scoring display as he collects nine more points which included two 3-pointers.  Frye would also knock down three buckets, earning eight points.  Former Knicks player, Iman Shumpert, would go for seven points of his own, shooting 75% from the field.  On the other side, Whiteside and Goran Dragic would each put up six points but it was the visiting team who would end the quarter with a 91-80 lead.  The Miami Heat would come back in the fourth period as the first round pick in the 2009 draft, James Johnson, would light up the floor with ten points which would include one 3-pointer.  Kevin Love would come alive for the Cleveland team as he scores eight points, shooting 60% from the field.  With 1 minute and 40 seconds left in the game, the score would be tied at 106.  Kevin Love would put in a tip shot that would give his team a 108-106 lead.  But Dragic would make a 22-foot jump shot to tie the game up again.  With only four seconds left in the game, Deron Williams will throw a bad pass that would get intercepted by Whiteside but the Heat would fail to get a shot off in time as the game goes in overtime.  In overtime, Tyler Johnson would come off the bench to collect eight points, along with Whiteside’s six points.  With 42 seconds left in overtime, the Heat would have a 120-117 lead but Deron Williams would get fouled on a three-point make.  He would go to the line to shoot the additional free throw that would give his team a one-point lead.  Kevin Love would then foul Tyler Johnson who attempted a jump shot.  Johnson would go to the free-throw line to knock down both foul shots, giving the home team a 124-121 lead.  Frye would attempt to make a three-pointer but misses as the Miami Heat pulled away with a 124 to 121 victory.  Tyler Johnson finished the game with twenty-four points, five rebounds and four assists.  Deron Williams would end with thirty-five points, seven rebounds and nine assists.  LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson would not play this game.


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