Atlanta Hawks claim a victory against the defending champions in overtime

Atlanta Hawks claim a victory against the defending champions in overtime

Today’s matchup between the 51-28 Cleveland Cavaliers and the 41-38 Atlanta Hawks will mark the fourth and final meeting between these two teams.  The first game, which took place on November 8 in Cleveland, the visiting team would pull away with a 110-106 win.  In that game, Dennis Schroder would score twenty-eight points, grab two rebounds and dish off six assists.  Kyrie Irving would score twenty-nine points, grab one rebound and dish off four assists of his own.  The second meeting would be held on March 3 in Georgia as the defending champions would win this game, 135 to 130.  In that game, Kyrie Irving would put up forty-three points, two rebounds and nine assists.  Tim Hardaway Jr. would put thirty-six points, two rebounds and two assists.  In that matchup, the Cavaliers would also set a regular season record for most three-pointers made in a single game, making twenty-five.  After that, the Hawks would go to Cleveland on April 7 and win that game, 114-100.  Tim Hardaway Jr. finished with twenty-two points, two rebounds and five assists.  LeBron James ended up with twenty-seven points, eight rebounds and seven assists.  The Cleveland Cavaliers would look to even the series up in Atlanta tonight.

In the first quarter, the Cavaliers would start off hot as Kyrie Irving would light up the floor with fifteen points, including three 3-pointers.  LeBron James would also help out as he will chalk up seven points while shooting 50% from the field.  Three-time Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard would work for seven points to help the home team out but it would be the Cavaliers who ended the quarter with a 38 to 21 lead.  The Hawks would cut into the lead during the second period as Howard continues for ten points, shooting 83% from the field.  The first round pick in the 2005 draft Channing Frye would knock down three of his four shots which earned him seven points, including one 3-pointer.  James would post up an additional eight points, along with three rebounds and four assists as the Cavaliers walk into halftime with a 65-46 lead.  Sitting on a comfortable lead, the defending champions would continue to show up on the court as James scores eleven points in the third period, which would contain one 3-pointer.  Irving would go for nine points, along with three assists.  Hardaway Jr. scored six points for the home team but it was still the visitors who finished the third with a 93 to 67 advantage.  But the Hawks would go on a scoring rampage in the last quarter as they go on a huge 44 to 18 run.  Four-time All Star Paul Millsap would go for nine points as Mike Dunleavy comes off the bench to put up seven points, including one 3-pointer.  Mike Muscala would join Mike Dunleavy as he comes off the bench to earn seven points of his own.  With only eight seconds left in the quarter and the Cavaliers holding on to a 116-106 lead, Paul Millsap will go to the free throw line to knock down all three of his foul shots to bring the home team within two.  After Kyrie turns the ball over, Millsap would make a 13-foot jumper on the other end to send the game into overtime.  In overtime, Kyrie would put up seven points but with the help of Kent Bazemore’s jump shot and Hardaway’s free throws, the Hawks would crawl away with a 126 to 125 win as the Hawks win the season series, 3-1.  Paul Millsap would finish with twenty-two points, nine rebounds and two assists.  Kyrie Irving would finish with forty-five points, two rebounds and nine assists.


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