Miami Heat keeps their Playoff hopes alive as they escape with a win against the Washington Wizards

Miami Heat keeps their Playoff hopes alive as they escape with a win against the Washington Wizards

The 38-41 Miami Heat are struggling to make it back to the top eight in the Eastern Conference as they head to the Nation’s Capital to take on the 48-31 Washington Wizards.  These two teams have met up twice already this season, with the South Beach team winning each game.  The first matchup took place on November 19 in Washington as the Heat crawl away with a 114 to 111 win.  In that game, Goran Dragic would score twenty-two points, grab four rebounds and dish off six assists.  John Wall and Bradley Beal would each end with thirty-four points.  John Wall would also earn four rebounds and eight assists.  Bradley Beal would take five rebounds and four assists.  The second game was played on December 12 as Miami would win, 112-101.  Goran Dragic finished the game with thirty-four points, five rebounds and five assists.  John Wall ended up with thirty points, six rebounds and eight assists.  Tonight would be the third of four times these two clubs will battle each other.

Bradley Beal would start the game off right as he scores nine points in the first quarter, shooting 75% from the field.  Markieff Morris would also put up seven points, including one 3-pointer.  On the other end, Hassan Whiteside would knock down five of his eight buckets, earning himself ten points but the Wizards would end the quarter with a 29 to 28 lead.  In the second period, Wayne Ellington would come off the bench to put up eight points, which would contain two 3-pointers.  Hassan would shoot 66% from the field in the quarter to add six points to their score.  The four-time All-Star, John Wall, would chalk up four points and one 3-pointer, as both teams head into halftime with a 52 to 52 tie.  The visiting team would go on a 26-22 run in the third quarter as Dragic would put up ten points, along with Whiteside’s five points.  Tyler Johnson would come off the bench to grab three rebounds and score five points, including one 3-pointer.  The first round pick in the 2015 Draft, Kelly Oubre Jr. would go to shoot 83% from the field, earning himself eleven points, which would also include a 3-pointer.  Miami would end the quarter holding onto a 78-74 lead, but things would get tight later in the fourth quarter as Washington creeps back.  Whiteside would put up nine points but Markieff Morris would help his team as he scores twelve points, including two of his three 3-pointers.  With seven minutes left in the game, Morris would hit a jump shot, giving the home team a 1-point lead.  He would hit another jumper to extend the lead by four.  After Whiteside puts up a lay up, Richardson would hit a three-pointer to cut the lead to one.  They would continue to trade baskets until the one-minute mark, where Morris knocks down a three-pointer, tying the game at 100.  Whiteside would return the favor by hitting a jumper but Wall would get sent to the line where he hits one of his two free throws to take the lead again.  But after James Johnson hits a jumper and Richardson nails two free throws, the visiting team would escape with a 106 to 103 win.  Hassan Whiteside ends the game with thirty points, twelve rebounds and two assists.  Markieff Morris ends wit twenty-one points and five rebounds.


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