Los Angeles Clippers would defeat the San Antonio Spurs to win the season series

Los Angeles Clippers would defeat the San Antonio Spurs to win the season series

Last night, the 61-18 San Antonio Spurs will face the 48-31 Los Angeles Clippers for the fourth and final time this season.  The first time these two teams met up was on November 5 in San Antonio with the Clippers winning 116-92.  In that game, Blake Griffin would score twenty-eight points, grab five rebounds and dish off three assists.  Lamarcus Aldridge would collect nineteen points and six rebounds.  In the second game, which was played on December 22 in Los Angeles, the home team would pull away with a 106 to 101 win.  Chris Paul would put up nineteen points, six rebounds and six assists.  Kawhi Leonard would put on twenty-seven points, grab nine rebounds and give out five assists.  On February 24, the Spurs would go back to California and grab a 105-97 win.  In that meeting, Kawhi Leonard would end with twenty-one points, three rebounds and six assists.  Blake Griffin finished up with twenty-nine points, nine rebounds and five assists.  The Texas team would look to even the regular season series up tonight in San Antonio.

Lamarcus Aldridge would start off hot in the first quarter, knocking down five of his nine buckets, earning himself ten points.  Chris Paul would put up seven points, including one 3-pointer.  He would also dish off two assists and grab three rebounds but it was the home team that would enter the second quarter with a one-point lead.  The second period would belong to the visiting team as they go on a 30-20 run.  DeAndre Jordan knock hit all four of his buckets, collecting eight points.  The first round pick in the 2005 Draft Raymond Felton, would come off the bench to chalk up six points of his own, as well as one assist.  On the other end, two-time champion Pau Gasol, would come off the bench to put up nine points which included one 3-pointer.  The Clippers would go into halftime, holding one to a comfortable 52-43 lead.  The third quarter will not get easier for the home team as Blake Griffin heats up, scoring ten points, along with Luc Mbah a Moute’s seven points.  Jordan would grab four boards as Paul throws out two assists.  But Kawhi Leonard would get hot on the other end as he shoots 83% from the field, collecting fifteen points for himself, which would contain three 3-pointers.  But it would be the California team that would end the quarter on a 30 to 27 run.  The Texas team would try to crawl back in the last period as two-time All-Star David Lee comes off the bench to collect six points.  Gasol would drop four more points and grab three boards but the visitors would close it out as the three-time Sixth Man Jamal Crawford would put up five points, helping the LA Clippers earn a 98-87 win.  Chris Paul would finish the game with nineteen points, eight rebounds and eight assists.  Kawhi Leonard would end with twenty-eight points, five rebounds and five assists.


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