Toronto Raptors sneak away with a win against the Detroit Pistons in Lowry’s return

Toronto Raptors sneak away with a win against the Detroit Pistons in Lowry’s return

Last night marked the first game Kyle Lowry played since coming off a wrist injury he received before the All-Star break.  Lowry (averaging 22.8 points per game, 4.8 rebounds per game and 6.9 assists per game) and the 4-seed Toronto Raptors will go to Detroit in hopes to pull off a victory.  These two teams met up three times already this season with Toronto taking two of the games.  In the first game, which took place on October 26, the Raptors would win 109-91.  In that game at the Air Canada Centre, DeMar DeRozan put up forty points, while Tobias Harris scored twenty-two points.  The second game also took place in Toronto on February 12 where the Pistons would sneak away with a 102 to 101 win.  In that meeting, Tobias Harris would put up twenty-four points and DeRozan would earn twenty-six points.  The third matchup would take place in Detroit, where the Raptors would win 87 to 75 without the assistance of Kyle Lowry.  The game last night would be the fourth and final matchup between these two teams as the Raptors would look to win the season series against the eleven-seed Pistons, 3 to 1.

In the first quarter, it was all Detroit Pistons as Ish Smith scores eight points, going eighty percent from the field.  Tobias Harris also came through with seven points including one 3-pointer.  Kyle Lowry was limited to seven points that quarter as the Pistons would head into the second quarter with a huge 33-15 lead.  But the visiting team would return the favor with a 31 to 23 run as Cory Joseph would light it up with thirteen points in the second quarter, including knocking two of this three-pointers down.  Lowry would also go for nine points, including hitting one 3-pointer.  But it was still the home team that went into halftime with a 56 to 46 lead.  In the third quarter Aron Baynes would come off the bench to knocking three of his three buckets, earning himself six points, along with Marcus Morris scoring five points including one 3-pointer.  On the other end, Jonas Valanciunas would hit three of his three buckets and earning six points, as well, but it was the Pistons who ended the quarter with a 80-68 lead.  In the final quarter, the visiting team who climb back with a 37 to 22 run as Valanciunas would score eleven points and Lowry knocking down four of his four buckets, earning himself nine points.  The game would come down to the wire as Morris knocks down a 3-pointer, tying the game at 100 with only one minute and nine seconds left.  DeRozan would hit a jump shot after Valanciunas puts up a hook shot, giving the Raptors a four point lead.  Kentavious Caldwell-Pope would hit a jump shot to make it a 104-102 game but Valanciunas would knock down two free-throws as the Raptors pull away with a 105 to 102 win.  Kyle Lowry would end the game with twenty-seven points, ten assists and five rebounds in his return to the basketball court.


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