Cleveland Cavaliers back on top as they defeat the Boston Celtics

Cleveland Cavaliers back on top as they defeat the Boston Celtics

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics have been fighting each other for the number one spot in the Eastern Conference for over a week.  This season, they have met three times with Cleveland beating them two out of those three times.  The first time these two teams have met up was on November 3 in Cleveland, with the defending champions defeating the visiting team, 128 to 122.  In that game, both LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas dropped thirty points.  The next game was also in Cleveland and the home team will win 124-118.  In that game though, Kyrie Irving went off for 32 points while Isaiah Thomas scored thirty-one.  The third game was on March 1 in Boston and the Celtics would go to win that one, 103 to 99.  Isaiah Thomas went for thirty-one points while James and Irving each ended with twenty-eight.  This matchup tonight would mark the fourth and final encounter between these two teams.

In the first quarter, Isaiah Thomas went off for twelve points, along with a three-pointer to give his home team a 20 to 19 lead at the end of the first.  But the visiting team would go on a large 38 to 22 run in the second quarter, thanks to LeBron James putting up fifteen points and grabbing three boards along with three assists.  Former Knicks players J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert would knock down one three-pointer each, along with Kyle Korver, who played in his first game since coming back from a foot injury.  Even though AL Horford scored ten points on the other end, it was the Cavaliers who led 57-42 at the half.  The third quarter would not get any better for the home team, as Kyrie Irving would go three for six from the field, earning himself nine points, along with LeBron James who scored seven points including a three-pointer.  Cleveland ended the third with a 33 to 24 run.  The defending champions would close it out in the last quarter with LeBron James putting up an additional ten points and helping the Cavs earn a 114-91 blowout win.  LeBron James ended the game with a double-double (36 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists), along with Kyrie Irving’s nineteen points.  With this win, Cleveland regained the number one spot in the Playoff race.


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