Fight for what you want

Fight for what you want

After the Chicago Bulls 106-104 win over the 6-seed Atlanta Hawks, the Bulls would improve their record to 37-39 and steal the 7th seed from the Miami Heat.  The Miami Heat, who recently lost to the New York Knicks, 98-94, are now in the 8th spot with the Indiana Pacers at the 9th seed.  All three of the ball clubs have tying records of 37 wins and 39 losses.  What is also very interesting about this is that the Miami Heat have a strong rivalry with both the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers, so taking the 7th seed and knocking the Bulls and Pacers below them would mean so much to the organization and it’s fans.  But it be won’t be easy as the Chicago Bulls are hoping to make the Playoffs and prove to their fans that they can still do it, despite being without Dwyane Wade, who is out for the rest of the season due to a small fracture and sprain in his right elbow.  The Chicago Bulls team will face the 10-seed New Orleans Pelicans (33-43) in New Orleans on April 2 as they try to maintain the seventh seed.  Meanwhile, the Miami Heat will host the 9-seed Denver Nuggets (35-40) in South Beach on that same day as they try to take back to seventh seed.  The Indiana Pacers will visit Cleveland to take on the defending champions, who are sitting in second place.  These next three games should be quite interesting as the race to the Playoffs start to get more intense.


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