April’s Fools Day came early for the Rockets as Warriors come back to win

April’s Fools Day came early for the Rockets as Warriors come back to win

Last night, the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets would meet up in the Oracle Arena for the last time this season.  The first time they met up, it was in Oakland and the Rockets were able to pull out a win in overtime, 132-127.  The second time they met up was in Houston, but this time it was the visiting team that pulled away 125 to 108.  On March 28, the Warriors would face off against the Rockets in Houston again, only to win 113-106.  So this time around, Houston would look to even the series out on the road, considering that their only win against this team was in California.  With James Harden averaging 29.2 points per game this season, he would hope to use that, along with the absence of his former teammate, Durant, to his advantage and score tremendously against the 115.7 PPG Golden State Warriors.

The first quarter into the game was a bit of a struggle for The Beard as he only went 1 for 5 from the field but his fellow teammate, Trevor Ariza, was able to pick up some of the slack, scoring seven points.  Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, on the other hand, both scored five points, including one 3-pointer per each.  With the first quarter being a low-scoring period, the Rockets would head into the second one with a 25 to 23 lead.  Harden was starting to improve in the second quarter, scoring five buckets, along with Eric Gordon’s seven points.  But this second period belonged to Javale McGee as he went 85% from the field, earning 13 points.  Chef Curry was held scoreless that quarter but Klay came through with five points but it was still Houston heading into halftime with a 61-56 lead.  The home team was able to turn things around in the second half, going on a 51 to 37 run.  Stephen Curry was feeling himself in the third quarter, shooting 66% from the field and hitting two 3-pointers.  Despite trailing by two at the end of the third quarter, he would still head into the last quarter carrying 19 points.  The Warriors were able to seal the deal in the fourth quarter as Curry and Thompson scored eight points combined, including one 3-pointer per each.  The Warriors went on a 24-13 run and just like that, they were able to come back and win the game 107 to 98.  James Harden ended the game with 17 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists.


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