3 rings for the King but 3 losses for the Cavs

3 rings for the King but 3 losses for the Cavs

It’s pretty obvious to see that the defending champions are in a bit of a funk ever since March 1, 2017.  After losing to the Boston Celtics 103 to 99, the Cleveland Cavaliers only won 6 out of their 15 games during the month of March.  LeBron James hasn’t lost that many games in a single month since his rookie season back in November 2003.  While LeBron voiced his displeasure about the situation, the head coach and his fellow teammate, Kyrie Irving, spoke on the issue as well.  “We gotta get better offensively.  We can play a good game of defense but we can’t score the ball,” says Tyronn Lue.  “It’s frustrating and so are we.”  Kyrie Irving didn’t hesitate to speak on it neither.  “Disappointed with the effort,” the starting point guard said.  “We’re in a bad spot but nobody in this locker room should panic.  It’s real ugly but we’ll be fine.”  Tonight, the Cleveland Cavaliers will host the 28-77 Philadelphia 76ers at the Quicken Loans Arena.  With the month of April arriving, hopefully the defending champs can pull out a win and start the new month on a fresh slate.



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